125th Monthly Seminar – Event Report

Event Title: Growth vs Fixed Mindset by Mr. Muneeb Kidwai
Written by: Sana Waqar

Karachi Pakistan Chapter (KPC) of Project Management Institute (PMI), USA, organized its first seminar of 2016 at Hotel Marriott, Karachi on 5th of January to learn the key traits of growth and success. In this seminar being 125th in PMI_KPC sequence, Mr. Asim Murtaza, Chief Executive Officer (honorary), Petroleum Institute of Pakistan and Ex-Managing Director of Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) was invited as Chief Guest while Mr. Muneeb Kidwai (Corporate Trainer in Mobilink) was invited as speaker. Mr. Suhail Khalid, Director Professional Development & Education was the host for ceremony. DCS_8855__1452833577_202.142.188.106

Mr. Muneeb holds 24 years of diverse experience in the fields of Sales & Marketing, Organizational Developments and Corporate Training after earning his credentials from IBA and later from British Council and other distinguished institutes.

Muneeb began the session by explaining the four major sources of strength in one’s life i.e. Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional. One can achieve everything in life given that these sources are positively aligned in the correct direction or purpose.

Mindset can be broadly defined as a set of beliefs or a way of thinking that determines one’s behavior, outlook or mental attitude. Seeing things differently is the key to doing things differently. Hence, one needs to understand himself in order to command his future. In short, our self-esteem, values, past experiences and beliefs are translated into our mindset which defines our actions and behavior that lead us to the results we get. Therefore, it is understood that sometimes the thing that is holding us back exists only in our mind. DCS_8938__1452833931_202.142.188.106

The facilitator went on to explain the difference between a fixed and growth mindset. A person with a fixed mindset will continue to believe that he cannot increase his skill or knowledge in a given area while a growth mindset will imagine the reverse and keeps thinking for out of the box solutions.

We can certainly condition ourselves towards a growth mindset by self-talk for which we need to listen to our fixed mindset voice. Then we have to recognize that nature has given us a choice and we need to get back to every situation with a growth mindset. Experts say that one can achieve only what he believes. The speaker concluded the session at a very positive note with a nine dot exercise and a physical activity which pleasantly surprised the guests with the power of visualization. DCS_8933__1452833816_202.142.188.106

The Chief Guest, Mr. Asim Murtaza Khan, CEO (honorary) Petroleum Institute of Pakistan congratulated PMI_KPC team for hosting the event and shared his personal experience during the session. He was moved by the speaker’s ideology and committed to look at the impossibilities with a different mindset. He went on to explain the role of leadership in driving the OPM culture as the organizational design matters mostly in order to support project management where accountability improves discretionary rules and documentation saves individuals.

The Chief Guest shared his belief in the power of true project management practices and invited the PM practitioners and PMI_KPC team to bridge the current gaps in mega energy projects announced by the government.

Mr. Asghar Ali Syed, President PMI_KPC presented the vote of thanks.  Mr. Asghar thanked the Chief Guest for his views and vows. He briefly shared the historical linkages of PMI-KPC with PPL in acquiring the first PACE award, fir highest number of PMI_KPC members in an organization during the year,  when Mr. Asim Murtaza was MD PPL. The group of those members were the pioneers to trigger the project management culture for others to follow suit.

Mr. Asghar Ali went on to invite Project Management Professionals towards Chapter volunteering opportunities and shared the progress of PMI-KPC’s Fly High Initiatives through the top down approach for promotion of Karachi Chapter’s initiatives and enhancing PMI and KPC membership base. He announced that in upcoming workshops to be arranged by PMI-KPC special discount for Members of professional bodies in Engineering, IT and Management will be offered in addition to discounts of early-bird, KPC members and group registrations. He encouraged the PMI-KPC members to act as ambassadors of Project Management in their individual roles and organizations.

The session ended with the Certificate distribution Ceremony to IPM day Volunteers and momentos to the Speaker and Chief Guest followed by Hi-Tea.

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