Q. How to join both, PMI and PMI KPC?

A. PMI offers the member ship to the individuals, students and the Retirees. Just choose your desired option and get the membership benefits. For details you can visit: https://www.pmi.org/membership/types

Q. How to update your Profile & contact information?

A. Steps are

  1. Login to https://www.pmi.org.
  2. Go to My PMI option.
  3. Choose Profile tab.
  4. Update your profile and contact information.
  5. Press Save button.

Q. How do I renew PMI and the Karachi Pakistan Chapter Membership?

A. Steps are

  1. Login to https://www.pmi.org.
  2. Choose Membership tab.
  3. Click on Renew your membership option.

Q. My membership expires already, can I still renew it?

A. Yes, You Can.

Q. Can I join the PMI KPC without joining PMI?

A. For becoming the PMI-KPC member, you have to join PMI first.

Q. I renew my PMI membership and did not renew my Chapter membership, Can I change my mind and renew KPC membership separately?

A. Yes, You Can.

Q. I want to renew my PMI and KPC membership. However I cannot remember my login user ID for the PMI Website, what should I do?

A. Steps are

  1. Go to https://www.pmi.org.
  2. Click on Login at top right.
  3. Use the forgot username or forgot password option.

Q. What is the chapter’s annual membership cost?

A. $ 20 USD

Q. Do I have to be PMP certified to be a chapter member?

A. No, it is not the pre-requisite.

Q. What benefit PMI KPC is offering to its members?

A. Benefits are

  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Professional development
  • Discounts Bonus benefits
  • Publications
  • Career Resources

Q. If I am a student can I still be the member of PMI-KPC?

A. PMI memberships aren’t just for working project practitioners. If you are enrolled full time in a degree-granting program at a college or university that has U.S. accreditation, or the global equivalent, a PMI student membership may be right for you.

Q. I am not a practitioner any more and not an active member so, can I become the PMI-KPC member?

A. Your enthusiasm for project management doesn’t have to end when you stop working. If you have been a PMI member in good standing for five consecutive years and have retired from active employment, you can take advantage of a discounted retiree membership and stay involved with the profession.

Q. What is a volunteer?

A. A Volunteer is someone who freely gives of their time and skills to a not-for-profit organisation in order to help it further its goals.  Volunteers are unpaid for their contribution to the organisation but are highly regarded for the assistance they give.

Q. Who can volunteer?

A. Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and have a common interest in project management. They include students, retirees, full-time and part-time workers.

Q. Do I have to become a PMI member?

A. No, anyone who has an interest in project management may volunteer.

Q. What kind of time commitment do I need to make as a volunteer?

A. Volunteer opportunities range from short-term commitments of a few hours to long-term committee lead roles. The PMI Karachi Chapter has many different opportunities available, and the hours and skills required for each opportunity vary.

Q. Am I limited to one volunteer role only?

A. While we encourage new Volunteers to start with one voluntary role only we hope, that once established, Volunteers will expand or contract their voluntary commitments to suit their interests and lifestyle.  Volunteers are welcome to change or add to their role at any time, subject to availability.

Q. What do I get in return?

A. You will get a chance to build a professional network, gain skills and experiences and develop as a Leader.

Q. How do I let someone know that I’d like to volunteer to work on a project with the Chapter?

A. Send an e-mail to VP Volunteer (vp-volunteers@pmikarachi.org) to express your interest.

Q. Can I volunteer from overseas?

A. Yes you can depending upon the nature of work available.

Q. Can I volunteer with my family or friends?

A. At PMI Karachi chapter, we strive to create an environment that is professional yet very homely and hence a perfect place to volunteer in groups.

Q. Will I have to report to any physical office?

A. If you have signed up for or grand/annual celebrations that are held once a year, you will need to be present at the celebration venue, otherwise you can very well help us from the comfort of your home.

Q. Will I be trained?

Yes. For tasks that are related to the operational functions, you will be trained by the respective operations team.

Q. Will I get any experience certificate for Volunteering?

YES! You will get the experience/appreciation certificate. Plus we may surprise you with a token of gratitude as well.

Q. How can I become a Chapter Ambassador?

A. To find out more about becoming a Chapter Ambassador, contact the President or EVP for more details.

Q. How do I find out more about the Project Management Institute International?

A. To learn more about the PMI International contact PMI website.

Q. Who hosted the past Region 11 Leadership Conferences?

A. In 2017, Hongkonk hosted the event.

Q. How do I receive updates from the Chapter on upcoming events?

A. If you are a member, your registered email address with PMI is with us and part of our member only email list on which distribute all necessary information.

Q. I believe I can contribute to the Project Management Institute Karachi Pakistan Chapter newsletters. How do I get involved?

A. If you are interested to contribute, please write an email to dir-publications@pmikarachi.org

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